Truvada PrEP 101 Consumer Infographic

Is PrEP for you? Find out if taking this medication is right for you.

If you are HIV-negative and at a very high risk for HIV, taking Truvada PrEP daily can help you you HIV free.

PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) is a daily medicine taken to reduce your chances of getting HIV. When taken properly, PrEP can reduce HIV risk by 92-99%.

This infographic from the CDC will provide a basic overview of PrEP and how you can help protect yourself if you are at risk for HIV.

truvada prep infographic


How to Get Help Paying for PrEP

If you need help covering the cost of Truvada for PrEP, there are a few options for you.

  • Most private and state Medicaid plans cover PrEP. If you are on Medicaid, check with your benefits counselor.
  • If you have health insurance, you may receive co-pay assistance from drug manufacturers or patient advocacy foundations.
  • If you are without medical insurance consider enrolling in an insurance marketplace, manufacturer patient assistance program, or your state’s Medicaid plan, if you are eligible for it.
  • Learn more about paying for PrEP with this PDF graphic from the CDC.