Best Resources to Learn About PrEP

Asking your doctor about PrEP can be a challenge. Before getting started, you may want to research PrEP as a whole and become more informed on the pre-exposure prophylaxis drug used to help prevent the spread of HIV.

Is Truvada PrEP safe with alcohol?

When I was 18 I started to research PrEP and look for the best resources online that could help me to get a better understanding.

The good news is, there is a large amount of information out there on the topic of HIV Prevention so you have plenty of resources to learn about PrEP. These include government organizations, wikis, infographics, and forums/communities.


Best PrEP Resources

  1. PrEP – HIV Basics from the CDC
    HIV Research and Information from the Center for Disease Control. Learn important information about HIV, AIDs, PrEP, and other related topics here.
  2. PrEP Facts Website
    A comprehensive site with resources for LGBTQ People, Women, and Spanish Speaking People interested in PrEP.
  3. Pre-exposure Prophylaxis – Wikipedia
    The Wikipedia page and research on the pre-exposure prophylaxis method of HIV prevention.
  4. Pre-exposure Prophylaxis – World Health Organization
    Research on PrEP antiretroviral medication to prevent the acquisition of HIV infection by uninfected persons from the World Health Organization.
  5. What is PrEP? – Overview from Planned Parenthood
    Your questions about HIV and PrEP answered by Planned Parenthood. Learn about how to prevent HIV with PrEP, PEP, common signs and symptoms of HIV, how to live with HIV, and much more.
  6. PrEP Flow Chart – Project Inform
    A handy flow chart on how to get PrEP and if it is right for you.
  7. PrEPWatch Resources and Data
    In depth data and research on PrEP around the world. Learn which countries PrEP is available in, how PrEP is being implemented, etc.
  8. PrEPared – Reddit
    A subreddit dedicated to PrEP. Ask questions about PrEP, share your findings, and learn more from other people who are currently taking pre-exposure prophylaxis medication.
  9. PrEP News Blog – San Francisco AIDS Foundation
    News and recent articles about PrEP on the Beta Blog from SFAF.
  10. Find a PrEP Provider – PleasePrEPMe
    Find a provider for PrEP near you and other resources to help you access PrEP medication, even if you cannot afford it.
  11. My PrEP Experience
    This blog has not been updated since 2015, but I still think it is worth mentioning. Read stories from real people facing real problems in their lives. These ‘experiences’ and self posts can be quite relatable and helpful when it comes to learning about PrEP.
  12. Hive Online
    Hive is a multidisciplinary team from UCSF (University of California San Francisco) working on building real research for people living with HIV, HIV- partners, Trans Men and Trans Women, and many other pertinent topics related to PrEP/HIV.
  13. Are You Ready for PrEP Infographic
    Coming from the CDC, this infographic will help you decide if you are ready for PrEP! You can find resources on how to research the drug, how to talk to your doctor, frequently asked questions, and other helpful tips.


Deciding whether you should take PrEP is a big decision.Take your time to review all the facts and see if it is right for you. Find out more information about PrEP.